The 90's

The nineties saw another new addition in the Heavy Duty blind which is made from three times thicker material then all the other styles. This new blind offered a great value and even more durable type of blind to the customer. It was in the late nineties that the marketplace begun to change as the multiples started to reign supreme while smaller companies suffered. Holland Plastics continued to make the blinds in England and continued to support the smaller wholesalers with their products. As the Far East loomed large with imported goods we still decided against importing materials ourselves as the quality was not the same in addition to the belief in employing staff in England. After all we are still a family business.

The Noughties

With over fifty years trade and the prominence of the internet our products are more widely available then ever and we sell not just our world famous strip blinds but also chain blinds, barbeque products, draught products and many , many other lines. Our blinds are now made in over 25 different colour combinations and we make many widths for all type of doorways. We also make custom widths so please mail us on anything bespoke and we will do our best to help. Thanks to the ease of sales we can now ship worldwide and it is great to hear from so many customers around the globe who have been looking for our items.